Research and Development of Space Technology 

Eirospás has a vast background in the aerospace industry with our team members having previously worked on prototyping technologies for recent ISS missions, extensive technology market research, and strategy development for future planning. We have worked both with and for ESA and EUSPA and are familiar with their procedures and processes. We bring this experience of the industry together with agile and lean methodologies to provide the best solutions to our customers. 

We have previously worked on creating eye diagnostic hardware that is currently flying on the International Space Station

We have also been part of the team that sent telemedicine software to Antarctica in preparation for spaceflight

Market Research

Eirospás provides market research on medical technologies both for terrestrial use and for use in aerospace. We have previously conducted extensive technology market research including robotics, medical, engineering, telecomms, human factors, and biomedical. We pay particular attention to potential spin-in technologies for the aerospace industry with a focus on wearables and novel technologies. 

Rapid Prototyping

Eirospás offers rapid prototyping services for proof of concepts and early stage development. With our own 3D printing facilities, electronic labs, and modelling and simulation software, we have quick turnaround times, saving time and costs. We have connections with local universities to utilise state of the art technologies and foster innovation.

In addition to hardware prototyping, we also provide software solutions. We have previous experience with developing AI models for spaceflight medical image analysis and experience with medical data encryption. 

Streamlining Processes

Eirospás offer streamlining solutions for teams and organisations. From implementing agile values and principles, to utilising frameworks such as scrum, right up to addressing office layouts and floor plans, Éirespás can help reduce waste and enable better productivity. By optimising existing processes by getting rid of waste and finding value in the critical path, our customers find themselves with more time to work on what matters.